Cost Of Custom Framing

framed paintingSome consider custom framing expensive. The dollars you invest in custom framing can be considered an investment in years of joy, which will outlast most other ways the dollars could be spent.

Many people wonder why it costs more to frame the piece than the art or item being framed was purchased for. Today, most artwork is either paper or fabrics run through printers and mass-produced. On the other hand, better quality artwork may indeed cost more than the framing.

Custom products almost always cost more than off-the-shelf, ready made products. Investing in a custom product can provide a much better long-term value.

Custom framing also uses higher quality products that hold up well for years to come.  The frames themselves are more comparable in quality to good furniture.

Custom framing is physically assembled one at a time by a person. It is built to your specifications and may use mouldings that were painstakingly hand-finished. You can think of custom framing as handmade furniture for the wall.

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